Michael Adam Hamilton

Latest News

"Baby Steps" Michael is the Lead in this film which had won a development award from Tribeca and will entering the festival circuit come 2015.

"10 Year Plan" Michael stars in this feature which in now in the festival circuit visiting over 80 cities around the world!

"The Well-Rounded Man" Michael has started pre-production for a web-series he wrote and created.

"Zoe Gone" Michael is cast in this feature directed by Conor Allyn and produced by Sean Dwyr and Elizabeth Cullen.

"Shadow Sides" Michael books the lead role in a Guy Shalem pilot. This project is being produced by Jane Lynch and Brian Singer.

"Santa Clarita Ballet" Michael makes a guest appearance in "Far and Away".

"Come Here Often" A short Michael starred in premiered at LA shorts fest.

"Pink Slip" A web-series Michael has starred in for 3 years aired their final episode, "Red Carpet".

"A Mother's Rage" "A Mother's Rage" premiered on Lifetime.

"Breaking Wind" "Breaking Wind" releases on DVD in United States and can be found at Blockbuster, Redbox, Walmart, Amazon, Itunes and most major retailers.

"Division III: Football's Finest" Division III: Football's Finest is available on demand and at most major retailers!

"Shameless" Michael is set to film and appear on this popular Showtime drama as "Scottie"

"A Perfect Ending" A film Michael Co-starred in has it's preview screenings to rave reviews. The film in staled to be widely distributed in September.

Michael did a fun 1940's film Noir style guest spot alongside the famed Burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese where he played a Russian Baller Russe dancer named Boris Kutcho.

"Desperate Housewives" Michael had a guest spot on this hit ABC show alongside Marcia Cross, Vanessa Williams and Brian Austin Green.